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Mark your calendars for Feb 16 – 20, 2023


Our annual Cherry Thing-a-Lings are a once a year a treat. It falls during President’s Day Weekend in February. This is the only Sunday out of the year we are open.


Due to the overwhelming response we have had in the past years, WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ORDERS THIS YEAR (except for shipping)

Just plan to come and enjoy the wait. Know that every effort is made to get you in and out as soon as possible. Can’t wait to see everyone, and have you taste these delicious treats!




WHAT IS A CHERRY THING-A-LING? A Cherry Thing-a-ling is a fritter type donut that has cherries in it, instead of the typical, Apple or Blueberry (which we also make). It is fried to perfection and then topped off with a cherry glaze! Most of the time they are still warm during our 5 day weekend, and that’s what truly makes them special! Nothing better than a warm donut!! (yes I’m spoiled, I can’t help it) If you have some that aren’t warm, we suggest a quick pop in the microwave to soften and make them ooey gooey delicious! We hope you like them as much as we do!
VISITING: Our current hours for 2023 are:

February 16th-February 20th, from 4am-6pm

These are the 5 days we make them ALL DAY long!! We try to accommodate everyone these days as best as we can. Thanks in advance for your patience in receiving your tasty, warm treats! Come see us, we LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS and have so much fun making them all weekend long. We usually see old friends and make some new friends along the way. The town goes all out too, with wooden cherries all over town, plus special treats at some of the stores and restaurants in the area. Tuesday, February 14th and 21st are our shipment days this year (see below) NOTE–2-3 days for shipping!


To place an order for shipping in the United States, please call Schmidt Bakery directly, 812-934-4501.
We DO NOT ACCEPT ORDERS ONLINE! Yes, I know this is an inconvenience, but we don’t want anyone to miss out on this annual treat, from delay of message or junk mail horrors. Yes, sometimes those emails don’t reach us, and that makes us sad. So, to take care of that, do the OLD STYLE and call in your order. It’s safer for payment information anyways. No hackers involved!

Our Shipping days are on the Tuesday the week of Cherry Thing-A-ling and the Tuesday after the crazy weekend.  A flat rate shipping box will get them to their destination. Call EARLY, we are limited on how many we can ship each day!!

We Suggest a quick warm-up in the microwave when ready to eat. Fresh is still the best, but this comes in a close 2nd if it’s the only way to get them.
Some have shared with us how they eat a cherry thing-a-ling, they warm it up, add a dollop of ice cream and make it like a “Cherry Pie A la mode” YUMMY!

Absolutely. As with anything, we suggest putting them in freezer ziploc bags, or some type of sealable bag, that will protect them from “freezer burn”. Don’t waste those delicious treats! When ready to eat, thaw briefly, or just throw it in the microwave to re-warm and soften up. Keep them for the other 11 months we don’t sell them!! Happy Eating.

This annual treat was started back in the early 70’s and has become an amazing tradition in our quaint little hometown bakery. We used to only make them on Sundays back then. We got to a point where we were selling out and needed to add another day. So, we added a second day, logically, Monday- President’s Day. And then it still wasn’t enough time so we added Saturday to the mix, and Now Thursday and Friday also.

46,260 Thing-a-Lings
52,452 Thing-a-Lings
79,920 Thing-a-Lings
116,748 Thing-a-Lings
145,440 Thing-a-Lings
160,716 Thing-a-Lings
164,160 Thing-a-Lings
199,584 Thing-a-Lings






– 2017 (started shipping regularly)


– 2018 Unbelievable!! We even shipped out over 400 dozen too! We love it!

– 2019 Had 2 ship dates, and The City of Batesville created the Cherry Thing-a-Ling Festival downtown with ice rink and ice sculpture.

– 2020 Shockingly, our first 2 days were the only days with a long line, the other days you could almost walk right in and right back out with warm Thing-a-lings. We keep trying to improve upon our methods. Thanks for your patience over the years, we LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS!!

– 2021 Incredible year, despite the Pandemic and the HUGE snowstorm that rocked the Midwest and East coast. Thanks for braving the weather and the pandemic limitations. We are so thankful to all of you.

– 2022 We continue to beat our previous records, thank you!

Thanks so much for patronizing our business and giving us the support to continue this FUN and flavorful tradition.